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Sale of fruits, fresh vegetables and catering to individuals

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Sale of fruits, fresh vegetables and catering to individuals

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Spinacia oleracea.
Chenopodiaceae family.
Stem and leaf vegetables. Green leaf vegetables elongated, smooth, curly, big or small depending on variety. The stem can be measured 15cm. long and leaves about 20 cm.Sabor with slight acidity but nice.
Fresh spinach are present in the market between the autumn and spring. They can also be purchased during the summer, but at this time have a lower quality.
To choose them, you should select those showing a green color, bright and uniform. The leaves have to be fresh and tender.
Once home, have introduced spinach in a perforated plastic bag or wrapped in plastic to protect food. This can adequately keep in the refrigerator for at least two weeks. Furthermore, spinach is a vegetable freezing very well tolerated, so that after a previous scalding can be kept in the freezer for more than one year.

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