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Sale of fruits, fresh vegetables and catering to individuals

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Eggplant solanum.
Family Solanaceae. Fruiting vegetable.
Eggplant is a fruit of variable shape (spherical, oblong or elongated in most cases) by type.
It is considered native to India by countless written documents that are located in this country and other neighboring countries. In fact, the cultivation of this vegetable is ancient Eastern regions. It seems that its name comes from the Persian word ‘badindjan’, which later passed into Arabic.
Usually, the eggplants are grown during the summer and the tastiest are the most tender and firm, with smooth skin and bright, deep purple and heavier in proportion to their size. The skin should not have spots, wrinkles or soft spots.
A trick to know if the eggplant is ripe is to make a slight finger pressure on the skin. If finger-marking, the eggplant is ripe.
Being a perishable food (holds just over ten days), should carefully manipulate and refrigerate until consumption. It is advisable to keep it isolated from the rest of vegetables and fruits, as it reacts with the ethylene produced by the respiration of plants and other breaks before.

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