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Sale of fruits, fresh vegetables and catering to individuals

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Sale of fruits, fresh vegetables and catering to individuals

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Pack Choi

Brassica chinensis. Chinese Vegetable: Has a heart more open, both in appearance and taste are similar to chard. The most appreciated ...

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Ananas baby

Annas sp....

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Zingiber officinale. Family Zingiberaceae. Yellow edible root and form hard nodosa and can have 2 cm in diameter. Warm sweet background flavor ...

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China-Sitam Jewish

Sesquipedalis Vigna. Family Fabaceae. Green pods hanging in pairs, similar to those of beans but longer (between 35 to 75 cm), seeds ...

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Annona cherimola. Tropical and exotic family Light green skin, thick, but not hard and has a pattern that resembles the scales of ...

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Rosaceae family. Fruit small reddish yellow to deep red. Pink or white flesh of sweet flavor. Its shape depends on the variety. It ...

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Prunus Armeniaca. Rosaceae family. Delicate fruit and aromatic orange-yellow, with a bone inside brown and almond shaped. Its flesh is juicy and delicious ...

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Prunus salicina Family Rosaceae. Oval or spherical, of small extent. They can be of various colors green, yellow, red, black. Depending on the variety ...

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From a tree that can reach 7 meters high and is located in the Himalayas, this microvegetal has a nutty ...

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Glycine max. Legume Family. Shoots whitish-yellow, crisp and refreshing taste. These buds are eaten raw in salads or sautéed, soups, vegetable purees, ...

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