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Sale of fruits, fresh vegetables and catering to individuals

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Ipomoea batatas.
Convolvulaceae family. Root and tuber vegetables
The sweet potato is a tuber that, by its particular sweet flavor, is used to make desserts.
The potato, like the potato, is a food that is classified in the group of tubers, but is distinguished from the rest by its characteristic sweet taste. Specifically, the sweet potato is a variety of sweet potato, yam or sweet potato.
This tuber is native to tropical America, where it is considered one of the staples.
It looks very similar to the potato, with a thicker skin and a more elongated. The skin color can range from yellow, red, violet and purple. Instead, their flesh is white, slightly orange.
Summer is a great time to buy sweet potatoes. It is a very fragile so you should choose examples that look strong. Once home, the sweet potato is stored in a cool, dry, dark, well-aired, which can be stored up to 10 days.

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