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Sale of fruits, fresh vegetables and catering to individuals

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Beta vulgaris L. ,
Chenopodiaceae family
Both the leaves and roots are edible. There are numerous varieties of the species, some of which are used for human consumption, other for feed and other for the production of sugar (sugar beet, Beta vulgaris var. Altissima), others, including Beta vulgaris var. cycles known as chard grown for their leaves.
The variety of root table is thick, red, fleshy, mainly consumed cooked, the color is due to two pigments, betacyanin and betaxanthin, which are indigestible dye bolus, feces and urine that color . However, their nontoxicity is frequently used as food colorant.
As a byproduct of the sugar industry is the beet beet pulp. This industrial waste is used for livestock feed primarily. Some possible uses due to its high content of pectin is its use for the production of biofuels through enzymatic treatment and subsequent fermentation.

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