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Sale of fruits, fresh vegetables and catering to individuals

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Sale of fruits, fresh vegetables and catering to individuals

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Zingiber officinale. Family Zingiberaceae. Yellow edible root and form hard nodosa and can have 2 cm in diameter. Warm sweet background flavor ...

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China-Sitam Jewish

Sesquipedalis Vigna. Family Fabaceae. Green pods hanging in pairs, similar to those of beans but longer (between 35 to 75 cm), seeds ...

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Manihot esculenta, Manihot utilissima. Family Euphorbiaceae. Tuber skin and thick brown woody appearance or dark brown inside which meat is white. Your oil ...

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Dioscorea sp. Family Dioscoreáceas. Potato tuber similar to but larger, more elongated and a harder skin peeling. The skin color varies from ...

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Musa paradisiacal. Family Musáceas. imilar to a banana, elongated and curved, thick green skin, but larger (250 g) and less sweet and ...

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Jalapeño Pepper

Capsicum annuum. Solanaceae family. Pepper elongated (7 cm long and 3 cm wide) and spicy meaty flavor and bright red upon ripening. Used ...

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African pepper

The African pepper variety is very spicy, green, yellow or red and about 2-5 cm long. There are various marinades that ...

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Chinese cucumber

Trichosanthes kirilowii. Family Cucurbitaceae. Used in traditional Asian medicine for the treatment of viral infections and tumors. Its application is being studied ...

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Cucumis acutangula or luffa acutangula. Cucurbitaceae family. The fruit has a nearly cylindrical form, of between 35 to 120 cm long and ...

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Hibiscus esculentus. Family Malvaceae. This fruit elongated about 18 cm long is consumed in immature state at which presents a color which ...

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